Selected Poems from the First 10 Years

Silent Night, Holy Night (June, 2013)

Lichis (June, 2013)

Ode to a Pineapple (November, 2013)

Bhasha Dibosh (September, 2014)

Letters to Federico (November, 2014)

From the Beginning (November, 2014)

Guava (January. 2015)

The Indian Classical Series (July, 2015)

Making Prints (January, 2018)

A Nilgai Deer in the City of Delhi (December, 2018)

Queen of the Cosmos (January, 2019)

Classical Chinese Poems from Song Dynasty (April, 2019)

Bird of Breath: Four Rubai (June, 2020)

Two Poems by Poornima Laxmeshwar (December, 2022)

Photo by Marco Allegretti on Unsplash