Vol. X | Issue 8 | January 2023

From the Editor’s Desk

Every new year when I go back to the work we've shared here, those we choose to work on personally, or even those we might have forgotten to share but enjoyed tremendously- I think of childhood habits, of pressing dead butterflies, flowers and leaves onto old note books. The more we embrace the new, the more we seem to look back upon the old and the familiar, and smile at what flew by us, at what we might have survived, but still look forward to. Tonight, while in search for the right words, I look at the night sky and measure distances- those between the creation of art, its soul and its presentation. Our cities, sometimes doomed with too much thought, with their coat of dust, and apprehension, seem to have forgotten the joy of gazing at stars. But if you look hard enough, and have it in your power, to still put in your creative best, we do find the light- like those invisible Saturn rings that burn bright in the yonder. Those that we know exist, but don't see.

We are two worlds within one, both past and present- and I urge you to indulge a bit in both. From our world of wonder, art, sunshine, love and warmth, here's wishing you all our readers a very happy New Year.

Our January issue brings to you an interesting essay, 'A Way of Seeing: How To Write Like a Woman' by Lily MacKenzie, book reviews by Shekhar Banerjee and Sucharita Dutta- Asane of 'Temple Lamp: Verses on Banaras by Mirza Ghalib' and 'Our Many Longings' respectively. In poetry Alan Hill shares a tender poem- 'My Mother', and the fiction section has stories like 'Piece of Petrified Son' by Becca Lawlor.

Love and Light.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury
Managing Editor, The Bangalore Review