Vol. X | Issue 6 | November 2022

From the Editor’s Desk

Autumn is for white grass from Satyajit Ray films, for spectacular colour, for adrak wali chai on the dusty roads that lead to the sensuous architecture of Khajuraho. Autumn is a plum moon on Kartik Purnima, a song and the resurrection of one's soul, as you travel through the length and breadth of your country. Autumn is in its untouched wild beauty in corners unknown, and the sorrow of seeing tribal artists beg on the streets. Autumn is for grey, for resilience, for hope before the sun sets, for evening lamps by the Narmada, and sunset on marble rocks. Autumn is for Digambar saints, who walk naked, for the dance on the rocks of Mahabalipuram, and the rising temperature in the seas. Autumn is for Kaveri, for walking on streets laden with leaves, autumn is for Sangeet in tiny sallu mandapas in Hampi, of Khol in the eyes and Mogra in the hair.

And before Autumn gives way to the sobriety of winter, find here, a reflection and a lilt. For literature as beautiful and reflective, TBR brings you a delicious mix- We have Alison Morse's sensitive poems on the subject of garment factory workers, an intriguing fiction selection with pieces like Two Stories, an essay from Nicole Yurcaba- discussing War, Grief, and the Ukrainian Independence, in her sensitive reading of various writers, and an interview with Sufia Khatoon on her latest book Germination.

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Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury
Managing Editor, The Bangalore Review