Vol. IX | Issue 6 | January 2022

From the Editor’s Desk

As we enter another New Year, the TBR wishes all its readers, friends, and well-wishers a fresh start and a very happy new year. Let this be a beginning for many things, but above all hope. As architects of creative spaces, I hope you dream more and not give up on those dreams, be happy or at least try to be so, make others happy as only those who care can, create more, listen more, live spontaneously, and find the words to carry forward your creative journey.

I hope you’ll have people who love you, those whom you’ll love in return. Be kind to others, but more importantly, won’t forget to be kind to yourself. I hope you read more than ever - evaluate, critique, and uphold literature with as much care, as you would, the song in your heart.

We bring you an interesting issue, with some great pieces of fiction and essays, some fine poetry and translation (which we’re passionate about), and a list of book recommendations from a well-known poet.

Team TBR takes this opportunity to thank YOU the readers for being with us always. We hope you’ll write in your feedback, share, read and follow the work we bring for you.

January, let’s be cool, be fun, be kind.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury
Managing Editor, The Bangalore Review