A Nilgai Deer in the City of Delhi

Between the high wall
and the road
with six lines of traffic
on a scrap of dried out soil
under a dried up tree
a deer stands
in the very center of New Delhi.   

He breathes dirt
eats dirt
sleeps in dirt
drinks dirt.

A nilgai deer in the city of Delhi
stands and looks
at the enchanted tourists
taking his photo,
at the passing cars,
at the wall.

Unable to jump over the wall  
unable to cross the road

he lives.   


New Delhi, Dec.2016.
The poem was first published in Polish in the literary journal Przekroj. 
Translation from Polish into English by K. Zechenter with C. Morris.

Illustration: Shreyaa Krritika Das

Katarzyna Zechenter

Katarzyna Zechenter is a Polish poet writing in Polish while teaching at the University College London. Her poems were published in Poland, the US and France