About the Review

One day in the summer of 2013, three friends came together to discuss their common interests in literature, arts, philosophy, and culture. Towards midnight when the discussion ended, the spark of an idea had formed within the three, which would keep them awake through the rest of the night. And that is how The Bangalore Review began.

The Bangalore Review is a monthly online magazine aimed at promoting literature, arts, culture, criticism, and philosophy at a deeper level. Conforming to our mission of giving back to society, the magazine will remain a non-profit venture and is currently managed by Spanning Minds, Inc. (USA).

As book-lovers from childhood, we grew up loving the written word, both contemporary as well as classic and depended upon them for our intellectual nourishment. Having grown into adulthood though, we find the world around us to have changed in many ways. With the shortage of time in our daily lives, lighter, shorter, and surface-thin plots have acquired more prominence over the more thought-inducing literature that we used to read. We found that this is not just the state of literature. All of the arts and even our cultures have undergone such changes in recent times. The thought of it distressed each of us in the deepest trenches of our hearts. We owe the society we grew up in for the books we read and the knowledge we earned. Our purpose in launching The Bangalore Review is to give back, in our own way, to society what it lent us. And it is not our task alone, it is yours too.

While The Bangalore Review strives to inculcate the habit of not just reading but the reading of good literature in the youth of today, it also aspires to be an unbiased, nonrestrictive platform for young and promising independent writers. The editorial team seeks to strike a balance between the old and the young, the published and the unpublished, the known and the unknown, and the mainstream and the unconventional, while curating the articles for each edition. For more information on submitting your work to The Bangalore Review, kindly visit our Submissions page.

If you would like to contact any one of our editors, you may write to info@bangalorereview.com and we shall ensure that the email reaches the concerned.