Selected Essays from the First 10 Years

Painter as Documenter (June, 2013)

The Limitless Instant (August, 2013)

Revisiting Mr. Shanbhag (June, 2014)

The Inner World of U. R. Ananthamurthy (July, 2014)

Colonial India and Genealogy at Sea (April, 2015)

Mahasweta Devi: Writing as Protest (August, 2016)

Zayde (April, 2017)

How to be a Parasite (April, 2020)

The Trouble with Happiness (July, 2020)

Everything’s Dead but the tree (August, 2020)

The Map of My Mother Tongue (October, 2021)

Foreignness (October, 2021)

Why I Grew Up Wishing My Mother Were Dead (September, 2022)

My Baba, Myself (February, 2023)

TBR Interviews Jacinta Kerketta (March, 2023)

Photo by Arnaud STECKLE on Unsplash