The Little You Know About Yourself

The best of you is rare
explosives are what it
The places you’re destined
to reach was screened
by design,
The little you know about
yourself wraps not even the
average of your
As I look deep into your
eyes I fear of
who you really are,
Your equal scares me
it cannot be found.
When you’re awakening
to dream
everything crumbles to
When you’re awaken to fight
flames become your names,
when you’re awaken for your
best, heaven breaks
When you’re awakening
to dream,
nothing is impossible.
Your equal scares me
explosives are what
It makes,
Your equal scares me
It cannot be found,
Your equal cannot
be predicted,
Only God knows
your match.

Paul Oluwafemi David

Paul Oluwafemi David is a Nigerian,a scientist,philosopher and poet.he is currently a student doctor at the college of human medicine university of Nigeria Nsukka.he loves to write,read,listen and love everything that is human.he is also a member of writers community university of Nigeria.