Two Kindnesses No. 2

On the eve of your citizenship’s trash day,
and especially if you’re an eager beaver,
wait until at least 7:30p to take your trash out
to the curb. (9 or 10p is kinder, and 11p is kinder yet,
but it plateaus and tapers sharply thereafter).
If your citizenship uses those lusty rolling bins (that are
like humpbacks enlisted into hard labor
for the unlucky act of washing ashore),
roll them as loudly as possible, over gravel
or broken light bulbs if possible. If your c-ship
piles bags on the curb, carry those bags as though
you’re a gorilla, smashing them asymmetrically with
every step (and if possible line them with broken
light bulbs). Different c-ships probably have all kinds
of ways of collecting trash but the point is, in that
span of time, to not quietly place your trash for
collecting, but to rambunctiously and of a brute
play your trash like a stinky instrument (do not
emulate Stomp; it must sound like trash),
because in all likelihood
someone whom you call neighbor, for reasons
too shy or private to go into here, forgot
to take theirs out, and what will seem
acidic to those neighbors whose trash is already
gassing it up curbside, will remind a neighbor
in need of a good minding that their trash is full
and today’s the day.

But also
sometimes be
when your instinct is
to be loud.

Photo by 선인장 on Unsplash

Josh Stuyvesant

Josh Stuyvesant is a writer and artist from Albuquerque. He lives there with his wife, Becca, and their cat, Marty. He runs an art studio called Bingo. His poems have previously been published in The Elevation Review.