35 More Dawns of Winter Someone Said

Birdsong at 5 am
I should clarify
it seemed to be one bird
and not so much song
nor even chorus
but more like a brave bar
or two at most

But this is poem
and not hopeful consonance
so I write ephemeral
which is fleeting
and ethereal
which is artificial
construct of the human brain

not being one for leaving
warm beds, nor spying
on Saint Nick and no robe
to dash up to any quiet window
landscape covered in fluff
or something else I might see
then later have to put in
moving terms vaguely singular
for in the end
I subscribe to wonder
in theory and so also
write ineffable, which I
see as good and roll over

spokesperson for the only species
that must always utter a word

when speechless

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

David Dixon

David Dixon is a physician, poet, and musician who lives and practices in the foothills of North Carolina. His poetry has appeared in Rock & Sling, The Northern Virginia Review, Connecticut River Review, FlyingSouth, Volney Road Review, and elsewhere. His book of poetry "The Scattering of Saints" was published in the Spring of 2022.