The Essence of T’AI CHI
CH’UAN The Literary Tradition
(Translated and ed. by Benjamin
Pang Jeng Lo et alia)

My copy is falling apart;
frontispiece with Chinese writing,
Preface, Introduction no longer
attached to the spine.

The soul of the book survives,
in calligraphy and esoteric wisdom.
“Be still as a mountain,” wrote Wu Yu-hsiang.
“Move like a great river.”

“Move like a cat,” he wrote,
but when I gently turn a page to read,
it detaches. “In discontinuity,” he wrote,
“there is still continuity.”


Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Joanne Grumet

Joanne Grumet's poetry has appeared in print and online and her chapbook Garden of Eve was published this year by Finishing Line Press.