I’ve never before been into
someone with such small breasts
I like my hands to overflow with them
to see their teardrop form
blood rushes to imagine the color of their cups
satin or lace that binds and uplifts
I normally recoil at someone with
a frame so slight ribs reveal in a side stretch
so strange to find myself wanting
to collide with your bones, to carefully
avoid crushing you under my weight
I can get lost in the contours
and folds of the feminine form
but how can I hide in you


Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Emily R. Daniel

Emily R. Daniel's chapbook, “Life Line,” was recently selected as a winner of the 2019 Celery City Chapbook contest in Kalamazoo, Michigan and she participates in a weekly poetry workshop with poets at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts under the instruction of Scott M. Bade, PhD.