It would be so easy
To be lost here
In your arms
In the wind
By the river.

I don’t hear the hawk,
Though you do. 
All I hear is the 
Of leaves overhead.

I’m surrounded,
Protected by you
From the dust,
The sudden rain and – 
Almost –

How simply I could 
Depend on you, 
Lie with you,
Slide right into
This river of love
You offer
And be washed
So easily 


Image: Mouth of Wisconsin River,1885, Henry P. Bosse American, born Germany
Milly Brown

Milly Brown studied under Josephine Miles at U. C. Berkeley. Many (39) of her poems have been printed in various publications over the years, most notably: The Green Flag (City Lights Books, 1969); Hiram Poetry Review (1971); Eclectic (1970), and Desert Wood (UNR, 1991). Milly never stopped writing. She only stopped publishing.