You should never wear stilettos, they are evil, my mother used to say.
Her other life advice included, Do not wax your arms,
or shape your brows before you get married.
And, Stay away from men. A man and a woman are like oil and fire.

She didn’t have any advice to offer,
when I bathed in oil and set myself on fire.

Rajni Mishra

Rajni Mishra crafts tech stories with data-driven plots and fictional tales with real characters. Poetry is her religion. She has been a patent expert, an innovation strategist, a teacher and a café floor manager in the past. At present, she works as a digital marketer and content stylist to support her writing habit. Her work is upcoming in the Breadcrumbs Magazine. Her mission in life is to find the delicate balance between ‘too much chai’ and ‘not enough chai’. She currently resides in Bangalore in a home built of books.