Some People Sleep a Lot Before They Die

I’m looking at you
to look at flowers
seated across in t r a i n s
as the fields swim past us
the horses in their stables
run out to look at the lightning
isn’t that momentous

you are looking at
ghosts of people
beckoning to be seen
your eyes
see flowers
from Japan
pollen stems
petals soaked in red
and hands caught in them

there are cabinets I
don’t touch anymore
there are
no answers to touch
but only
in touch

there are dreams in
unhinging of curtains
in windows
filaments of feelings
frothed in eyes
looking out at
Arthur’s Seat
twin towers at Dumbiedykes
are we all replicas
twice removed from yesterday
but not here today

so I look at you
and her and the lights
only in photographs
on how they want to be seen
and the man of the past
is still looking at me
with no apologies

Vrinda Jotwani

Vrinda Jotwani is in her final year of an undergraduate degree at Shiv Nadar University. She watches too many cliched or obscure films and reads short stories when she isn't bombarded with coursework. You can find her in Delhi over caffeinating herself and looking for yet another Instagram caption.