Mother at the Airport

How small she looks in the airport
with a large bag at her side
standing straight, white hair.
She always wears dark colors,

What is this thrum in the belly
when I see her from far, as if
the belly remembers.
She is looking at her phone.
I stop.  This is my Mother.

I look like her, in some ways,
and once she was young.
She has a rubber case on her
phone, in case it is dropped.

I know she left her house
clean, it’s important to come
home to a nice place, she says.
This is not practical this is
part of the beauty of life,
and coming home alone to mess,
is even more depressing.

But I like my own bed best,
she says, and the quiet in mornings,
when I scatter seed for the birds,
the quiet in evenings, not at all.
That’s when you should call.

Photo by Jenna Christina on Unsplash

Sharlyn Page

Sharlyn Page is a life-long poet who has only recently begun to publish her works. Philosophy, physics, and nature itself, have influenced her work. She received a BA from the University of Florida and continued further studies in Graduate level poetry at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Jungian psychology at the Naropa Institute. In the past she was a professional Storyteller, invited to participate at the Folk Festival in White Springs Florida. Four grown children and 600 works of poetry are her contribution to the world. Her website is sharlynpagepoet.com