The femur bone is one of the
Hardest in the human body to break.

Which is why it is the most
Devastating—small chips crackling down the

Length. One half subducting the other like
Tectonic plates, the lithosphere of anatomy, of

Thigh bone. Contained in it’s layers of
Weaved muscle, ligaments and tendon.

Tunnels and canals of the
Necessary material for movement. Sits the

Marrow filled white rod,
Not meant to break.

Which does so with a violence
Reducing host to stillness.

Femoral shaft fractures are frequently
Attributed to high energy

Collisions. Compound fractures,
A love story for breaking completely in two—

For finding yourself in collisions
You did not choose.

You could not avoid. The
Flesh around the cleaved frame

Unable to support itself,
Folds and collapses. Waiting for the alleviation, for

The slow return and rebuild
To righted form.

The wait is long, the
Ache, almost unbearable.

Photo by form PxHere

Taylor Franson Thiel

Taylor Franson Thiel is a graduate student at Utah State University pursuing her Master’s in Creative Writing. Her writing frequently centers on her experience as a Division One basketball player, the female body, abusive relationships and mental health struggles.