Of Blue Skin and Invisible Suns

She must have really loved him. Kentucky girl,
settling on the banks of Troublesome Creek
with a French orphan. Long before
roads, before the mines
would bring in trains, she is miles from Hardshell
or Dwarf or Fisty with a man whose skin  
is as blue as the summer berries. Eventually, scientists 
will discover one of the rarest objects 
in the galaxy, the product of two sun remnants 
merging and reigniting themselves. In the meantime, what to do 
when grandfather is French and blue
and the girl next door is your cousin? You kiss her 
in a misty glade illuminated
by lightening bugs, you marry her in the strung debris fields 
of two collapsed stars and then you hide, a rogue
creation, because you give off the wrong light. But time 

is on the side of everything in the cosmos 
and big ol’ nurse Pendergrass will find you
when she sees to Aunt Luna, lips 
as dark as a bruise. They’ll be tests, machines
that spin famished tubes with eyes 
like steam engines hanging in space, and no matter
how deeply infrared you are, no matter
how many mean dogs you put out front
to keep away the crew from That’s Incredible, the hostility
of your stellar winds betrays how you burn 
though your solitude, your heavier elements.
You’ll collapse, yes, after generations, 
the blue remnants of your ancestor
are now in only your fingertips, your face
is a neutron star, a profile pic everyone can see
but no one will look at. And no matter. You’re happy 
to have the chance to be ignored; just you
and your girlfriend, your dorm-room smiles
and your fingers tucked out of sight.

Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

Rocco de Giacomo

Rocco de Giacomo is a widely published poet whose work has appeared in literary journals in Canada, Australia, England, Hong Kong and the US. The author of numerous poetry chapbooks and full-length collections, his latest, Brace Yourselves – on the representation of the individual as it relates to the Zeitgeist – was published in January, 2018, through Quattro Books. His next collection, Casting Out, will be published in 2022 via Guernica Editions. Rocco lives in Toronto with his wife, Lisa Keophila, a fabric artist, and his daughters, Ava and Matilda.