A woman puts on her angry coat. It really just springs to her skin as she leaves the house. She starts her walk.

She encounters a man. She asks him to join her on her walk. The man takes one look at her coat and runs for the hills! She keeps walking and sees a mature woman. She asks the woman to join in on her walk. The woman looks her up and down and replies in disgust, ” I never wore a coat on my walks, I just froze.”

The woman continues her walk, a young man walks towards her. He says, “What you got under there baby, lemme see.”

She screams and runs away. She sees an officer; she tells him about the young man. The officer replies, “If you just took the coat off, you wouldn’t have an issue. Follow the rules-lady.”

The woman finds a bench to sit, another woman in a coat comes and sits next to her.

“I’m sorry about the weather,” she says,” I can’t wait to take this coat off.”

A third woman comes, sits on the bench, sighs and says, “It’s lonely out there, coat on and all, thanks for sharing the bench.”

“What do we do?” Asks the first woman. “I can’t take the coat off, I’m so cold.”

“We wear it” says the second woman, “When we get tired, we sit together and we pray for a warm day. Maybe then they’ll join us on our walk.”

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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Courtney Robb

Courtney Robb is a mother of two young children, and is currently on maternity leave. She's been taking some creative writing classes online and plan on re-attending university this winter. She is new to the submission world but is very excited about pursuing her passion. One of her pieces was recently published on ruescribe.com. Her goal, as a writer is to give the reader a bench to sit on, if only for a moment.