missed apology / missed chocolate

ted hughes arrived at my front door with an apology and a box of chocolates /
dark chocolate melting over marzipan / he remembered my favorites / good
trick after so long an estrangement

ted hughes stepped in / once invited / he always was polite that way / british
manners / so I offered him a seat and a glass of wine / he declined the wine / I
did not and set the candy beside my half-emptied bottle

ted hughes sat in the burgundy armchair / legs crossed / well-shined brown
shoes on peacockish display / brown slacks and sweater vest / I wore grey /
bare feet

ted hughes watched me pull my legs beneath my body / and perch / take a gulp
of a mild merlot

we did not speak for many / many minutes

until we did.

Photo by Shivam Dewan on Unsplash

Sally K Lehman

Sally K Lehman is the author of the novels The Last Last Fight, In The Fat, The Unit – Room 154, and Living in the Second Tense. She is also the editor of the anthologies Bear the Pall, War Stories 2016, and War Stories 2017. Her work can be found in several literary magazines including The Coachella Review, Another Chicago Magazine, and 34th Parallel. Sally has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University where she worked as Managing Editor for River & South Review. She lives in Portland, Oregon and works as Managing Associate Editor for The Corvallis Advocate.