Informed by Treasure Hunt for Formal Poetry/Properties?

(Blue Light/Sleeper)

Present a fact, simple, hard, felt, like a rock, guttural-

E.g.     #1:  heaving, fat-skinned, swamp        (Muck Badger)
#2:  I drink live fire, air and earth; I stay. 

(Design Girl)

How-To Make A Good Fit, Jacket Pattern
How-To Grow An Almond
Fully fit
Change lines
Wash delay

Growth needs water and soil.  Cloth needs thread.
Formal rhythms stop the way the water strays.
If you are all you need, where do you stay?
Palace place

Word Whirl
Stall search day

Mind must be replaced.
Undo what was done by polluters.
Get what you desire.
Inside may be the island or the real world.

E.g.:  Blue Line:  Camera running, a man, casually dressed, tan shirt, dust blue slacks, grabs carefully, steps over a loose, barbed wire and walks into the long, brown grasses he believes to be near his.  The border guards get nervous; hoist him.  (This isn’t isolation.)

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


Tôca is the spiritual nickname, gained like catching the ring from a carnival carousel on an up and down mechanical dragon, a person who as a child wanted a horse. She loves the arts, freedom, and the substance, and the spirit of place. She has dreamed of New Mexico, but she’s as stuck in (Tide) water as the figure in The Star of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. She took degrees in English literature and studio art and has had some graduate studies in each. She wrote a manual of works that challenges with odd rules for all the mediums she makes. She meditates, just bought
The Great Books, sews, writes plays and poetry, paints, sculpts, draws, loves exercise, and now wants to learn sound studio design. She is a lucky mother of an amazing son with a wonderful wife. They love camping.