In the Summer of Nasturtiums

Take a look around the room
Notice the absence of scary animals
Unpack your lunch sack

           you may wear out your iron soled shoes
           this is the pandemic pick me up
           job search requirements are still optional
           the pandemic is infused with duende
           cocktails & coffee are core body solutions

What animals in the backyard molt?
What calamity caused the snail from this cracked shell to bolt?

A sterile butterfly upon a board is difficult
An entanglement of complex conditions is difficult
A pile of abandoned bones is difficult

Consider your car your own personal biodome
Know that a lone Canada goose along the pond is atypical
Never underestimate the pull of the status quo


Image by goki750 from Pixabay

Jeanne Morel

Jeanne Morel is the author of the chapbooks, "Jackpot" (Bottlecap Press), “That Crossing Is Not Automatic" (Tarpaulin Sky Press), and “I See My Way to Some Partial Results” (forthcoming from Ravenna Press). She holds an MFA from Pacific University and has been nominated for a Pushcart in both poetry and fiction. Jeanne lives in Seattle where she teaches writing and is a gallery guide at the Frye Art Museum.