From the Editorial Desk

Women have played a major role in our sustenance and growth during the last eight years. In our editorial team or in our submissions pile, we have more women than men or non-binary people.

As we bring online a new issue on the eve of the International Women’s Day, we would like to dedicate this issue to all the wonderful women who contributed their works, edited & curated these pages and who over the years inspired us to keep this space going.

The March 2021 issue, like every issue of The Bangalore Review, features a variety of voices in the form of poems, stories and creative essays from around the world. In addition, we are delighted to bring back a feature from the early days of the magazine, TBR Recommends, where we recommend books we have enjoyed and why

In this issue, we also launch the submissions form for June Jazz – A Celebration of Summer, our anniversary edition forthcoming in June. Few countries celebrate the warmth of summer and its colours the way we do in India. The gentle shade of the large Gulmohur trees guides us through June in happiness, rain and celebration. Through this celebration we aim to bring into focus every memory that associates our creativity with the month—its rain, music, art or just the very idea of the Indian summer in all its colours, passion and hope.

Go check out the submissions page for more information.

Happy Reading.


Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash