Ecclesiastes One: the Space-Time Adventures of Ace Frawley

Down on the lake rosy reflections of celestial vapor appeared, and I said “God, I love you” and looked up to
the sky and really meant it. “I have fallen in love with you, God. Take care of us all, one way or the other.”
~ Jack Kerouac, Dharma Bums

                                                            The Bliss Army
is said to carry the traditions of earlier, spiritually advanced teachings
                                        for all people and all times
which present civilizations have forgotten.

              For our actions to gain the support of the universe
we must base our actions on the foundation of universal law
                                        on the Dharma.

The Dharma is formless to its discovery by an Ego-bound identity
The Identity gains knowledge of its true nature beyond time
                                                            space, death and suffering. Identity is
          restored whole in the dharma of the kiss.                          Outlaws &
                                                                                                    Dharma Bums
harness the Law harness the Consciousness.
                                                                          Or as Freud explains:
                                                                      The functional importance of the ego is manifested in the fact that normally control over the approaches to motility devolves upon it. Thus in its relation to the id it is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength while the ego uses borrowed forces. The analogy may be carried a little further. Often a rider, if he is not to be parted from his horse, is obliged to guide it where it wants to go; so in the same way the ego is in the habit of transforming the id’s will into action as if it were its own.

The id-ridden newborn carries the original sin of karmic
              struggle into the psychoanalysis of self-realization…    or are

most psychological problems and emotional disorders rooted in
                   adharmic living
                                  living out of harmony with the universe
most physical diseases based in adharmic living
              living out of harmony with the universe?
                                                                                  Best not to risk infection.
                                                Join the Bliss Army.
                             Absolute Justice in the Universe.
                                            Health and Wellbeing
arise from a state of mind and lifestyle
                                        that does not project harm onto other creatures.
                                             Food that reflects.
                                                     Reflects the harmless dharma kiss.

Modern Medicine “believes” that by causing harm to other creatures
                                             we gain benefits for healing people.
Modern Medicine “believes” that causing harm to other creatures
                                                  gains benefits for healing people.

Primum non nocere distills Hippocrates’ indenture to Apollo.

                                             Non-Harm is mental health. It removes
                                                           the basis for negative emotions. Intent
                           reflects the harmless kiss of harmful lips.

The True Warrior is the Defender of the Dharma
                   in a strong and decisive Act of harm to prevent harm

The True Warrior is the Strong Therapy of Radical Detoxification
                             to eliminate disease-causing factors
for the health of the social body. The substance and the form.

     Withdraw from egotistic involvement and become an immortal.
                                           The real self is the being of consciousness
that transcends time, place
and individual.

Egotism includes intellectual, physical, social
overestimations of oneself. Ethical egoism is moral agents
                                              do what is in their own self-interest.
Psychological egoism claims people only act in their self-interest.

                   Page 14: …the eightfold path taught by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras
       Page 50: …an integral eightfold approach or eight limbs by Raja Yoga…
     Page 113: …the practice of Raja Yoga and its eight limbs…
Wikipedia: … “The Noble Eightfold Path consists of eight

practices: right view, right resolve, right speech, right
conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right

samadhi … the eight spokes of the dharmachakra represent the eight elements
                       of the Noble Eightfold Path …”

Consciousness is the Principle of that which Reflects
                                 the Intelligence which is the Universe.

                          Observable phenomenon
cannot and so does not exist
                    for its own sake
              but only for the sake of the perceiver.

If one person drinks toso at New Year, their family will not become ill
If one family drinks toso at New Year, their village will not become ill.
If one village drinks toso at New Year, ‘scuse us while we kiss the sky.

The universe of observable phenomena
                follows a pattern of organic law reflecting Pure Consciousness behind
the universe of observable phenomena.
                                                            Coleridge explains:
The Imagination … that reconciling and mediatory power … organizing (as it were) the flux of the senses by the permanence and self-circling energies of the reason, gives birth to a system of symbols, harmonious in themselves, and consubstantial with the truths of which they are the conductors.

The World is based on Intelligence.
The World works through the mind and follows a pattern of Organic Law reflecting

this Pure Consciousness behind The World.
                                                 The World is based on Intelligence.
Intelligence works through the mind and follows a pattern of Organic Law reflecting

this Pure Consciousness behind The Intelligence. As Freud explained:
                                                   The Ego is that part of The Id
which has been modified by the direct influence of The External World.

Pure Consciousness is the source of all subjectivity
                                                          or sense of self through which we feel
alive and can act independently …distinct from the ego, or
                                                        the “I am the body” idea…  
                                     the “skin-encapsulated ego,” said Alan Watts
                                                        …not an embodied self…
                                                        the I-process
                                                                              …pure Self-nature
beyond all objectivity…              The ego “serves three severe masters,” said
                                      Freud, “the external world, the super-ego and the id.”

                                So how do we perceive? The Higher Self is the conscious
ground of all manifestation which shines by the Higher Self’s
                                     reflected light. Its light, mirrored through the mind
                                     allows perception to occur.

The Super-Ego is a “special psychical agency which performs
                     the task of seeing that narcissistic satisfaction from
         the Ego Ideal is ensured.”                The Super-Ego is
                                          “what we call our Conscience.”
                                                                  The Higher Self.
                              Blake says, “The imagination is not a state: it is
                                                                  the human existence itself.”
                Form. Forms. Form.
Substance. Form. Objectivity. Objectivity. Subjectivity.
Substance. Form.               Pure potentials. Substance.
                              Existence can only be inferred.

Coleridge explains:
                             Now the sum of all that is merely objective, … nature, comprises all the phenomena by which existence is made known to us. On the other hand, all that is subjective, we may comprehend in the name of the self or intelligence. Both conceptions,” subjectivity and objectivity, “are in necessary antithesis. Intelligence is conceived of as exclusively representative, nature as exclusively represented… During the act of knowledge itself, the objective and the subjective are so instantly united, that we cannot determine to which of the two the priority begins … both are coinstantaneous and one.

                             At the beginning of creation
cosmic mind comes into being in order to create the world.
                                                 The universe first arises as a meditation of

cosmic intelligence and only later takes on form externally. Yet even
cosmic intelligence is not conscious of itself but works through the
                               reflected light of Pure Consciousness.

         “He whose face gives no light,” writes
                 Blake, “shall never become a star.”

The Return of the Repressed
forms unhealthful symptoms
                                        The main cause of disease is
        wrong functioning of The Individual Intelligence
owing to the influence of The Ego, which results in bad judgement, wrong values
                                        and false beliefs; or, as Freud explains:
                                        “The Ego represents what may be called reason and common
          sense, in contrast to The Id, which contains the passions … a person only falls ill

                        of a neurosis if his Ego has lost
        the capacity to allocate his libido” apropos of The Super-Ego’s
                                                              calendar of inspiring quotes.

The Ego creates the Mind and Senses
                            which are instruments that allow the individual to function.
The Ego creates the Mind and Senses which are instruments
that allow the individual to function.

                                    “The Ego, driven by
                                    The Id, confined by
                          The Super-Ego, repulsed by reality, struggles
            bringing about harmony among the forces and influences
                                                                         working in and upon it,” explains
Freud using the three interacting agents in his structural model of the psyche.

In The Ego and the Id (1923)           Freud discusses “the general character of
harshness and cruelty exhibited by The Ego Ideal – its dictatorial ‘Thou shalt’.”

                                                  Dissolving The Ego cures all.
The blindness and attachment caused by The Ego
                      is the main cause of spiritual, mental, and physical disorders
              (in the Bliss Army of Dharmic Living and among the Dharma Bums)
Dissolving The Ego cures all psychological diseases and many physical diseases as well.

                The Ego “breaks out in anxiety – realistic anxiety regarding the External
World, moral anxiety regarding The Super-Ego, and neurotic anxiety regarding
the strength of the passions in The Id,” explains Freud.

The Ego is a process and not an intrinsic reality…
[the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious]
                cures all psychological diseases and many physical diseases – The Ego.
[the part of the mind that is responsible for reality testing]
                cures all psychological diseases and many physical diseases – The Ego.
[the part of the mind that is responsible for a sense of personal identity]
cures all psychological diseases and many physical diseases – The Ego.
[the part of the mind that is a person’s sense of self-esteem]
                cures all psychological diseases and many physical diseases – The Ego.
[the part of the mind that is a conscious thinking subject.]
                cures all psychological diseases and many physical diseases – The Ego
does not represent the underlying truth or nature of creatures.     Death of The Ego

Dissolving The Ego is the death before the death
                 the kiss of death            the annihilation that forges union

                                  The term “ego” is from Latin. The word “ego” is
                        the nominative of the first person singular personal pronoun.
                                “Ego” is translated as “I myself” to express emphasis.

Freud wrote of das Es, das Ich, and das Über-Ich
                         “the It,” “the I,” and “the Over-I” or “I above.”
             The terms “id,” “ego,” and “super-ego”
are the Latinized in the English translations by James Strachey (1887-1967).

This worker could not find the word “ego”
in the earliest English translations of the Upanishads in the early 19th century – yet
though “egoism and egotism” was then an issue of philosophic discussion.

                                                                               Psychological concepts
do not correspond to somatic structures of the brain.
The World manifestation – this isn’t neuroscience
                                 works through externally directed minds.
Ego automatically projects – this isn’t neuroscience –                
                                 a sensory mind as it looks outward – view from the holodeck…
The mind then gives rise to – this isn’t neuroscience
                                 the five sense organs and five motor organs.
                                 Coleridge explains:
“The primary Imagination I hold to be the living power and prime agent
                   of all human perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind
                                     of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I Am.”

      Underlying attention is the circuit board for the senses
The underlying attention is the formulating principle
                                         The formulating principle is
the principle of emotion, sensation, and imagination.

                                                                                             Coleridge continues:
The secondary Imagination I consider as an echo of the former, co-existing with the conscious will, yet still as identical with the primary in the kind of its agency, and differing only in degree, and in the mode of its operation. It dissolves, diffuses, dissipates, in order to recreate: or where this process is rendered impossible, yet still at all events it struggles to idealize and to unify. It is essentially vital…

The underlying attention arises…
The underlying attention possesses…
The underlying attention allows…
The underlying attention reflects…

                               Subjective Creation:
                                      1. an underlying mental nature
                                      2. an intelligence
                                      3. an ego
                                      4. a sense mind

The three causal energies of creation behind The Mind consist only of Qualities
The three causal energies of creation behind The Mind consist only of Ideas
                                                                      The Mind is material
                                                                      The Mind is observable
                                                   as an object The Mind is not the true source
                                                   of consciousness. Balance, motion, resistance

give rise to substances, forms, impressions.   The Primal Pleasures of the five
                                                   senses and their Primal Measures
                  can be experienced directly in The Mind as the five ways of knowing
                           are emitted on a subtle level by
All Things in the World                                 Reflect the basic fivefold
structure of the cosmos.

    The five prime energies – Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth –
                                            allow the coordination
of the five sense organs with the sense objects
“to idealize and to unify … even as all objects
                                                    (as objects)
are essentially fixed and dead,” writes Coleridge.

the hypokeimenon the subiectum the materiality of Locke
                                    Spinoza’s substance and
                                  Immanuel Kant’s noumenon denied by Berkeley’s
immateriality.                                       “I see through my eyes,” notes Blake

“not with them.”    We perceive objects with our sense organs
                                            because the objects and our organs
are coordinated by the Prime Energies – the vicious intellectualism
                                                               of viscous abstractionism
is a moment of truth for the unus mundus.
                                                                According to the Biographia Literaria:

“The poet, described in ideal perfection, brings the whole soul of man into activity… He diffuses a tone and spirit of unity, that blends, and (as it were) fuses, each into each, by that synthetic and magical power, to which I would exclusively appropriate the name of Imagination.”

Organs of Knowledge are the vehicles through which we take in
Primal Measures                              that feed us on a subtle level

the action of The Inner Forms gives extrasensory perception
                   The Inner Forms of motor organs allow direct action with the mind
                                                    give telekinesis.

Elements as principles of density apply to all mediums.
                      Different densities, fields of expression
                  for different ideas. “The person who does not believe in

miracles,” Blake reminds us, “surely makes it certain that he or she will
never take part in one.” Grateful Dead sing they “need a miracle every day.”
                                    The Five Elements
encompass all forces of manifestation for all substances in the universe.
                      Primal Nature                    is the seed ground of multiplicity.

“Do what you will
   this life’s a fiction,” Blake jotted in his margins
“and is made up of
                                            Nietzsche asks:
Why couldn’t the world that concerns us – be a fiction? And if somebody asked, “but to be a fiction there surely belongs an author?” – couldn’t one answer simply: “Why? Doesn’t this ‘belongs’ perhaps belong to the fiction, too?”

Laws of alternation – interplay – Laws of continuity – substances
             transitional                                interactional
Laws                       in the movement of                     Time.

                           Watts explains the nature of reality as a baby’s
                                                          game of peekaboo
                                                           but when it’s cold gin time again
                                       the Dharma Bums will always win

Spiritual progress is waste management as
the previously helpful is posteriorly hurtful

                                               Spiritual progress is waste management of
                                              addictions, neuroses, perversions reflected in
sexual predations, cults and superstitions, and religions of

  •                                                                     militancy
  •                                                                     exclusivism
  •                                                                     intolerance

Watts discusses the search for god as a
                                                game of cat-and-mouse.
The Serpent Power                 
Saints and Sages are rare at any time – but a Dharma Bum backsliding
                                                          but adharmic living in the Bliss Army
a “person [who] has a danger of severe psychological problems
would be unlikely to fill out such a [Mental Constitution] Chart
or even read such a book” as Yoga & Ayurveda: Self-Healing
                                                                    and Self-Realization.
This worker’s “danger of severe psychological problems” has turned attention to

this worker’s desire for self-healing and self-realization has
turned attention to Blake, Coleridge, Freud, Nietzsche, Watts has
turned this worker’s attention to his histories of White-mansplaining…

            “All these people,” said the Dharma Bum, “they all got white-tiled
    toilets and take big dirty craps like bears in the mountains, but it’s all washed away
    to convenient supervised sewers and nobody thinks of crap any more or realizes
                            their origin is shit and civet and scum of the sea.
                        They spend all day washing their hands with creamy
                            soaps they secretly wanta eat in the bathroom.”

…this worker’s attention turns to his histories of White-mansplaining.

“Even a quarter of an inch of silt [– danger of severe
            psychological problems –] can smother the living coral
polyps,” noted                          the following                        oceanographic study.
“What is now proved”     Blake reminds us             “was once only imagined.”

The entire universe derives from three original powers of energy, light, and matter.
“Science” recognizes these as           physical forces governing external worlds.

                        The nerve forces in the body is a kind of wind
                      The mind’s force also travels like a breath of air.
                                                Forms of light
are a watery cohesive force as living tissue.
                 The body is a special form of water in which heat
and vital energy are contained.                Water that is cold or does not move
                                                                                                cannot sustain life.
                                                                                       “Cold water holds more
dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide than warm water can.” Water that is cold
or does not move cannot sustain life. “This rich soup of microscopic plants and
animals and decaying plants – the base of the ocean food chain – makes
cold northern waters                                                            appear murky.”

Space Available: Aquatic Applications of Satellite Imagery did not “expect
poison from standing water” as Blake does. Lotus flowers prefer still waters.

Frogs and turtles prefer still or stagnating waters
being ambitotems of the mind. “The man who never alters his opinions,”
says Blake, “is like standing water and breeds
reptiles of the mind.” Lotus flowers prefer standing in still water.

“Enlightenment means taking full
responsibility for your life,” says Blake. In the Bliss Army of Dharmic Living
                                           …attention naturally leads to meditation…
                                             …which in time results in absorption
                                             of the perceiver and the perceived…
                                           …attention naturally leads to meditation…
                                             …which in time results in unification
                                             of the perceiver and the perceived…
                                             “taking responsibility for our lives”
                                           …brings us knowledge of our True Self…

Detoxification cannot be achieved
by mere personal effort. Detoxification can only be achieved
    sola fide.                  “I must create a system,” says Blake, “or be enslaved
by another man’s…                                                     My business is to create.”

A tropical sea is crystal clear                                               and it is empty
A tropical sea is a coral reef                                      is an oasis in a desert
The reef is the only shelter in      the warm clear       nutrient-poor waters.”

                                             “But to the eyes of
                                                       the man of imagination,” said
the pre-Romantic engraver,                      “nature is imagination itself.”

And of the Dharma Bum? “I see him in future years
stalking along with full rucksack, in suburban streets, passing the blue television

windows of homes, alone, his thoughts
                                      the only thoughts not electrified to the Master Switch.”

-Ecclesiastes One: The Space-Time Adventures of Ace Frawley”: Conversational collage of text appropriated and repurposed from Yoga & Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization (1999) by Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) with quotations from William Blake, Fredrick Nietzsche, Dr. Sigmund Freud, Allan Watts, and Space Available: Aquatic Applications of Satellite Imagery; w univerith passages from Biographia Literaria (1817) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Dharma Bums (1958) by Jack Kerouac; The Serpent Power (1967-1968) is a rock band that included poets David Meltzer and Clark Coolidge; Space Ace Frehley is the founding lead guitarist of the rock band KISS (1973-1982).


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