Meaningless Terabytes and Featherless Wings

All this contradictory news
obviously spews
digitized perplexities of truth:

clattering electrons and
cross-eyed geese
sparkly and smartly sneezing
liberal this, conservative that;

flying smack-dabbit into windows
translucent glass walls
transparently hiding all.

Facts splatter and smatter into
digitized quacks
of shattered glass.

Meaningless terabytes
and featherless wings


John Unger

John Unger teaches English for Academic Purposes and English composition at Georgia Gwinnett College, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA. Before he was in higher education, John was in the U.S. Navy for four years and worked for fifteen seasons on coastal and deep-sea commercial fishing vessels in the Northern Pacific, Gulf of Alaska, and Bering Sea. He has published creative non-fiction in Hippocampus magazine and the Human Touch, poetry in Aberration Labyrinth and The Human Touch, and applied linguistic papers in English Scholarship Beyond Borders, the Journal of Language and Literacy Education, and the Journal of College Reading and Learning.