Today a man, a woman,
and a child much younger than me
asked me who I wanted to be
I responded with – Is that really up to me?
They nodded their heads yes and walked away kicking dirt into their shoes.
I thought about it for the decade I spent walking home
The month I spent trying to catch a thought on the way
The years spent trying to get a pinch of an idea
By the time I got home I knew what I wanted to be… 

I want to be a lemon tree
but not so sour that people make faces when they taste
my personality, 

I want to be delicate,
But not too delicate I can’t go through punishment 

I want to be yellow
While all the other greens surround me,
But not so yellow as green can’t blend with yellow to make a unique color 

I want to be young
But not so young I can’t experience expressing myself with more than words I want to be everything
But not so everything I can’t be too much of something
I want to be me. That’s all!


Editorial Note: In publishing 11-year old Kika’s poem, The Bangalore Review wishes to reiterate its belief in the young, that their dreams are possible and poetry makes it happen!


Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Kika Dhara-Garipuy

Kika Dhara-Garipuy is a shy but creatively inclined young writer who is currently 11 years old. In the age of identity politics she makes normality feel normal about being a child of her age. Being bi-lingual on occasion she writes in French as well. Kika published her first poem when she was about 7 years old in a children's magazine (inspired by the trauma of the 2016 presidential elections in the US of A). Kika lives in Brooklyn, New York with her cat (named Lilac) who is a scottish with folded ears! Kika is both French, and Indian by birth with grandparents in Paris, Corsica and India.