A Shadow is a Gentle Lover

The shadow is the ice melting
down ravines of drowned hipbones,
beadings strung in the sunlight. 

It rubs its head between
two stones, peeling back its skin turn-
ing itself inside & out. 

A shadow as soon as this stretches
like a cad in tall seagrass. This
one casts barbed, spear-like missiles. 

Men are shadow. Women are too,
from past lives twirling inside white
mountains. Smooth, flamenco calves.


Photo by Alberto Lucas Pérez on Unsplash

Dana Trupa

Dana Trupa is working on her chapbook The Fourteenth Moon and Planet Joey, her full-length play. Her poems have appeared in the online literary journal Red Cedar Review, the risky and provocative “What-Rough-Beast” series by Indolent Books, and S is for Sentence. She lives and works in New York City with her cat Tana, after Carlos Santana, 'cause she's a black magic kitty.