the night jaygopal found a swastika on his window

in my dream, my brain 
talks about brains
being more or less the same, 
resembling kidney beans, 
sprouting web-like dendrites, 
wired for synaptic connection,
passing signals cell to cell 
through axons,
rosette-tipped, purring 
like walnut-shaped machines
wrapped in soft folding,
packed like cauliflower.
don’t forget: human brains surpass 
the brains of all other creatures.
i tell my brain to shut up.
obviously the stupid bastards
know shit about biology,
seeing difference like smoke 
in Oz, shadows on the cave wall. if
their brains had fuses
i would light them, delight 
in the eruptions, watch the wind 
scatter the neural remains, 
and only then dare 
to hope the far-flung ash 
might fall back and reform 
into brains more worthy 
of kinship.


Image: Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

Leigh Fairchild-Coppoletti

Leigh Fairchild-Coppoletti is a history and writing teacher at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School in Massachusetts and an MA student at Bread Loaf School of English. Leigh's story, “Walls,” has just been published in Into the Void.