The credits roll and the audience applauds on their feet.
The sunset’s colors bid adieu before the night cloaks the earth.
The last leaf of autumn floats down, heralding winter.
The final note of the orchestra trembles ominously.
The crumbs of the cake are in the dustbin.
Why are you still here?
There’s no more magic between us.

Tara Menon

Tara Menon is a freelance writer based in Lexington Massachusetts. Her nonfiction has appeared in “The Boston Globe,” “The Kenyon Review,” “Green Mountains Review,” “Color Magazine,” “Fjords Review,” “Na’amat Woman,” “Calyx,” “India Currents,” “Parabola,” “India New England,” and “Hinduism Today.” The following journals and anthologies have published her poetry: “Calliope,” “Lalitamba,” “Azizah Magazine,” “Aaduna,” “Yellow as Turmeric, Fragrant as Cloves,” “the view from here,” and “10x3 plus poetry.” Her fiction has been published in “Catamaran,” “The APA Journal,” “Many Mountains Moving,” “India Currents,” “The South Carolina Review,” “Living in America” and “Mother of the Groom.”