This is where they come to roost
in the twilight of their lives,
waking to river song and birdcall
riding the waves of myriad river moods.
           Yet again,
                             for all days to come.
Sailing over water on bird wings,
darting with silverfish in shallow banks,
in slithering dance with water snakes.
During shadowy evenings
when ripples deepen to sleep murmur
silver owls light their way back home.
       Yet again
                           for all days to come.
This summer day by the river
the noon sky splinters into sun drenched drizzle,
the shimmering folds of sky blooming
into a prefect arch in glistening shades
A rainbow!  Gateway to their heaven,
beckoning me to join the river people
and their tryst with the river!
        Yet again
                        for all days to come
Illustration: Shreyaa Krritika Das

Indu Parvathi

Indu Parvathi is a writer who responds to the world around her in the form of poetry. She finds poetry in common objects and everyday experiences of life. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in various literary magazines and journals. Her first volume of poetry, On the Sidewalk, is forthcoming from Author's press, New Delhi. She is an educator by profession and lives in Bangalore with her husband.