The Final Darkness

“In this big world of adults, observing with my big round eyes,
Mum said we are bound by love and friendship and live together as allies.
I wonder what had struck the people, as they with their strange gear,
Are causing people to fall asleep and I see all the faces full of fear.

Last night I heard a loud sound which put you to sleep,
I wonder if it was from those strange machines that these people keep.
You let out a scream and your eyes slowly closed,
Later I saw you sleeping among the big crowd, just like I supposed.

Its like all these people who sleep with their bodies lying still on the bare ground,
Dream of a better world which is yet to be found.
I hope they don’t take too long, as I miss my mum who herself among the big crowd,

Lay without a little shift or make the tiniest sound.


Mum, its strange for me to see you sleep without you holding me close to your chest,
And away from your arms, I feel like a bird who has lost its own nest.
I hear that sound every now and then, the loud sound which put you to sleep,
I wonder if its those strange men, adding more people to the heap.

The uniformed men have now brought you to me but you’re still not awake,
Even after my loudest call and my strongest shake.
I think you’re still dreaming and knitting a better world just like you promised,
And with another loud sound and a bright flash, I was left to complete darkness.”

Raghav Suri

Raghav Suri is the guy you find with a pen and paper at 2 AM. He usually writes poetry and short phrases with a deep meaning. His inspiration comes from an imaginary girl who lives in his brain, whom he hasn't met yet. As for his other hobbies, they include football and experimenting with graphics and creating logos and banners.