“every ecology depends on death”

cotyledons green to their task
of rising into trees, unruffled by captions
in a town in India a driver races
a bus-load of children through a gauntlet
of gunmen’s fire and seizes life
the heart can be a chalice
moss-velvet as the anther-d
pyramid of an eight-petal-d lotus
or a bloodletting shard
hewn off the planet with a saber
roar-voiced and petrifying;
it may take a long while to sand and
shore a spindrift, for thirsting terrain
to calypso with orchard wine
primeval is hope, oiled to a talent of stone
like this rain-sewn cloud charming
the old bakul  by the well into bloom
so, we heft the spade, primitively
till and garner
re-stoke the ailing stove.

Ranjani Neriya

Ranjani Neriya has published poems, short stories and articles in Indian magazines. Her poetry had been published in journals in the U.S.

Her book 'Promise - A Life' was published by LEADSTART PUBLISHING,

Ranjani was born and educated in Mangalore, lived in Mumbai for decades before moving to the U.S.