‘The river isn’t a thing, Gautama understood: it’s a process.
The same is true of a person.’ – Vishvapani Blomfield   

Now I am come apart. From you,   
and I could say such is your doing or mine –  

or rather undoing – but we know  
how much of everything is a lie.  

Hovering over my body, in a tangled  
mess of silver threads going snap, snap,  

snap, I realise you were the fibre and tendon,  
and glue that held while we ended  

and began and ended and began; until  
you were all samsara. We must now,  

in essence, belong to an unbelonging  
and so, forevermore, find me where you are. 

Photo by Richard Horvath on Unsplash

Srishti Jain

Srishti Jain is an Indian poet and medical writer based in Sydney. Her poems are forthcoming in the 2023 Ros Spencer and The Aleph Review anthologies. Her work has previously been published in various journals The Seattle Star, Red Ogre Review, Rigorous, The Cancer Researcher, Meniscus, Clepsydra- Literary and Art Magazine. Her poetry on climate justice can be found in the streets of Dublin as part of The Bohemian Way campaign.