creatures caught
in the heat of mating/

body parts
of personal history/

memory’s tenuous grip/
sudden dip

of yesterday’s gulls
at the rocky shore/

the Bay of Fundy’s
lonely sweep/

tropical birds of Florida
rock cliffs of Arizona/

the heat of today past
a shallow light is cast/

the whole story is not whole—
parts mirror a larger tale

as valves my heart’s health/
bold claims of Whitman’s America

Dickinson’s not wanting
to impose/

the shell’s swirl
mimicked in nature

in our patterns/
flashes of flower

of flood/
soft belly under a wave

veins of a last leaf/
life as derivative

as new

Photo by Martin Rancourt on Unsplash

Marc Frazier

Marc Frazier has published poetry in over a hundred literary journals. He’s also published memoir, fiction, essays and reviews of poetry collections. Marc, the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Award for poetry, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and two “best of the nets.” He is a Fort Lauderdale LGBTQ writer whose three full-length poetry collections are available online. He’s active on social media especially his Marc Frazier Author page on Facebook: