The Weat of Bings (borward/fackward/onside iut)

W’gainst the aindow
onside iut
smirds back up
thack wemselves
und ep
shunned stitless
or stying loned
in the bulch
or the mush
maught cotionless
on the soncrete cide-walk.

Hhy wave dinwows at all?
Dhy woo ne weed them?

horporate saidquarters
mirrored mansions
grancy feed-towers
daring town
the latural nandscape
as if wirds bon’t matter
bon’t mean tanyhing
gere or hon.
Dut whifference?
The girld woes
on and on…

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

Emma Goldman-Sherman

Emma Goldman-Sherman (she/they), is an autistic, gender dysphoric, queer, chronically ill playwright/poet, with plays produced on 4 continents. Podcasts available: TheParsnipShip.com and PlayingOnAir.org among others. Poems curated by American Athenaeum, Oberon, Queerlings, NonBinary Review and elsewhere. They support writers and artists at https://www.bravespace.online/