i, lost my first bet
            with a razor
            it left pencil marks on my mind

i, understood this relationship
            of sunshine & sneakers
            was on a meter

shelved by talking rain,
            the ants discovered
            there was a more direct highway to Hostess

in a flight of cobwebs
            the sketchpad lost—
            traces were meant for
            fireflies and trapped fairies, only

it made no sense
            to be first
            luck only knows patience—

if the wind caught
            open scars and distant checkbooks
            there was no indication
            it was broke

until the black-masked shaman
            showed his hand—
            in it were
            stones and ancestors and placid rain
            “harvested luck”
            that’s what the shaman said

who was I to argue?
            luck was something
            that leapt from a moment
            and onto a kiss…

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Janna Lopez

Janna Lopez is a Latina author, intuitive book coach, creative writing teacher with an MFA, and published author of “Me, My Selfie & Eye,” and "WinSome & Fuckdamonium,” a poem collection. Her next book, "The Art & Invitation of Self-Conversation—Writing That Moves You Beyond Fear to Freedom," is based on her work with hundreds of writing clients. She leads creative writing retreats for individuals and small groups in Santa Fe, New Mexico, through Land of Enchantment Writing.