We’re Born as Frost

We’re born after
the winter frost settles
On the window panes
as if it belongs there
And falls off basking
in the one chosen ray of the sunlight
like a tear drop of drowning sun
Like a miracle, we’re born

What a miracle,
We’re taught
The barbed wire fences,
Are to be finally taken off
Mottos of life, history of people
Worthy Stories, worthy Men
Women, are to be taken care of
We’re taught
The summer precedes autumn
Autumn precedes winters
Winters, are the opposite of summers
Summers are when
The dust will move, maybe settle
But you don’t settle
You carry the ashes of summer
To the winters
For Love belongs in every season
And the barbed wire fences
Are to be finally taken off

We’re not taught
About the old man who spent his life knowing,
Unable to tell how he knew
Or, that the war would come irrespective of
Winters or Summers or Autumn
Or, if the train moves in opposite direction
You’ve to wait silently till the whistle fades off
And that strings clipped to your backs
Are not to be talked of in it’s essence
And love is what lies ahead of that
Barbed wire fence

And the moment,
we finally get up
to cross that barbed wire fence,
This miracle, this frost, ready to bask in the
Glory of all that it’s been told

We’re taught
What happens
When the frost becomes a drop
And finally, falls off !

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Aseem Sundan

Aseem is a bilingual poet from Jammu & Kashmir, India. He grew up reading novels from around the world hidden in his school textbooks sitting under the one Deodhar tree that used to be in his backyard. He has been writing and performing poetry for 8 years now and has been published in a couple of poetry journals like Muse India and Scarriet Review in the past apart from a few anthologies.