After the paper boats come
to grief
and the children come in
from the rain —

To watch
                a compassionate sky
                with you,
                the palms bend
                and the wind
                chase the parakeets home.

Not any more
                on those wet days
                to hear
                the clatter of rain
                on a tin roof—
                to wait for you
                on a rope-string bed
                while you oil
                your black hair.

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

Raza Ali

Raza Ali was born in Bangladesh and grew up when it was known as East Pakistan. Much of his poetry writing was done a long time ago under the mentorship of the poet Philip Booth at Syracuse University. Raza has only recently returned to his poetry, rewriting poems from the past and writing poems that reflect his current status as “the village elder.” Raza’s published writing consists mostly of shorter pieces and reviews in Bangladeshi publications.