In the spirit of all things we are not, I should be honest. Demand:
take your cardigan off first, then my pantyhose, use your tongue to sound-out

our silence. I should confess to years under tongues of lovers who tried
to lick me clean. How awful I am at wearing rings or

honoring vows to the man who made me a mother
and to the mother I pretend to be. I take blame

in believing someone else will settle my skin to bone.
We are the pause in between breaths after I remind you:

my search to be free has nothing to do with you and me.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Erin Scott

Erin Scott is a poet and performer living on the unceded territory of the syil'x/Okanagan Peoples (Kelowna, BC). Her first chapbook, "Atrophy", won the John Lent Poetry Prose Award 2019 and was published by Kalamalka Press in spring 2020. “to make it whole again”, her second chapbook, was published in December 2021 with broke press. She is a mother to four.