i walk into the lake and die there
the search team drags nothing
but water to the shore

i was just a kid after all
and my blood hadn’t learned
to boil over it yet

a fish belly of a body
roams the neighborhoods
like a nightmare
and drools over living rooms

floating past the quiet houses
with scratches on the door
past the translating children
and their milky eyed mothers

if there’s an ending
from which you emerge
and stop begging
i picked the wrong one again

all my white knuckled prayers
all the times they couldn’t find me
curled up with soft spongy wrists
i agree with all of them 

Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

Bita Shakoori

Bita is a 24-year-old Iranian-German and had recently graduated with a B.A. in Digital Media. Their work has appeared/is forthcoming in March Hare Magazine, Passengers Journal, and Sumou Magazine. You can find them on Twitter/Instagram @bitaswriting.