Once upon a February

I’m much more than a month
So much longer than a day
I’m that which America fears to teach
I’m more than the constitution will ever say
I’m in need of no holiday
I’m of a past in need of no reminder
I’m more than a sticky note stuck to a Rockwell calendar
I’m obviously harder to locate than any ancestry DNA or
Where’s Waldo search finder

I’m my history’s museum yet to be built
I’m a target of your brutality given willingly without guilt
I am Angelo
Remembering the beautiful
Of all women and men
I am X
Looking out at the world
Never ever going to give in
I am Simone
Wanting a bit mo sugar in my bowl
I am Prince
Warning…all that glitters ain’t gold
I am the Second Street Baptist Church Choir
Singing… you better not sell out your soul

I’m much more than a backpack could ever carry
I’m so much more of a definition that’s given
In Webster’s dictionary
So much more my sisters and brothers
We are so much more…
Once upon a time
Then a month called…


Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash


Alprentice is a writer from Ann Arbor Michigan who is currently studying in San Diego creative writing and literature, he has been published in several journals, City College Journal, U S C journal, Blood orange Journal. A lover of all things art and music, working towards his MFA in creative writing is tough, but a challenge he is taking on with excitement and awe.