I mean like this morning.
While streaming 24/7.
Somebody’s hijab blew off.

Tagging the rotunda of intersectionality.
Shooting the pier of othering.
The quality of the rip unsurpassed.

An onslaught of aquatic erotica.
Eel-powered hot tubs and jury pools.
Power tools in all the great flavors.

Stroller wars on the Walk of Fame.
40-horse giraffes wringing their own necks
And winged nurses cathing confirmed ticketed passengers.

To where every coxed 8
Like sheep on a footbridge
Identifies as goats.

The stream says dope AF.
Cloak a trope in butterfly shadows.
And the stream just loses its stuff.

I’m struck by how
A part of me feels
Which leads me to why.

How rad is that, right?
I mean look at that hair!
Put it back on if you’re going to rock that shit!


Randy Stark

Randy Stark has contributed poetry, essays, fiction and arts criticism to various magazines and journals in the USA and Canada.