A man in Derbyshire,
grows trees into chairs.
Oak & willow are tied
to forms, pruned to comply
to templates that determine
their utility & usage
like children bound by
their parent’s religion,
forced & coerced to bow,
to fear, to repeat & repeat
a stale phrase, to believe
or be damned by a lamb,
maliciously slaughtered
for his nonconformity.


Photo by Kerr Travers on Unsplash

ky li

ky li received a MA in creative writing and poetry last summer from Southern New Hampshire University. ky li's work has appeared in Brittle Star, The Oddville Press, The Ibis Head Review, West Trade Review, and the books Six Voices and Six Voices Two, published in 2017 and 2019 by Blackthorn Press. One of ky's poems will appear in Issue 44/June 2019 of Brittle Star and two will appear in the 2019 fall/winter issue of Word Fountain.