If it was true, if it was true, I would be sitting at one window
All one morning, testing the strength of the color blue. Is
Blue strong enough to surround and defeat all the other
Colors? Can the pervasiveness of blue make all other
Dreams surrender? Can it heal anything left behind?
Can it take me to the country where every step matters
And is felt, instead of lost? That would be our country,
Mine and Blue’s, blue as soft and true as indifference and
Forgetting, as remembering and making a monument to
Remembering, which is the science of incorporation of
Blues, of flags, counting the sciences, and resources,
And abilities, and losses, and diminishings, the belief in
Elements, and their overlap, and the invisible unsayable
Still unfound—something not in the Forest House, something
Far beyond.

Rebecca Pyle

Rebecca Pyle’s work is in New England Review, Indian Review, Roanoke Review, William and Mary Review, Anomaly Journal, Stoneboat Journal, and Remembered Arts Journal (poems, artwork, stories). More artwork by her can be found in rebeccapyleartist.com; she lives in the United States in Utah between the mountain mining town where Sundance film festival takes place every January, and the nearby but distant-looking Great Salt Lake, full of islands with resting/nesting migrating birds.