You linger on,

Like the scent of a favorite perfume in the rain.
I used to try and forget about you,
But now all I want is for you to remain.
There was a time I could see heaven in your eyes,
That same heaven now a country in my mind.
I visit it from time to time,
As a reminder of what was left behind.
Your memory is part of me, my love.
And I bask in its afterglow.
When I kiss you in my mind it’s for real,
The same as when I make love to you
Can’t you see? You never ‘weren’t mine’,
You were my girlfriend the time I looked at you.
The day I fell in love with you,
And purple rabbits and all things unimaginable were true.
And even though you might belong to another,
I know there is a tiny part of you.
A part of you that belongs to me,
A part of you that isn’t free.
It’s in the letting go that we break our chains,
So please, please take me out of the dark.
Kiss me with your tongue, sweet child, in the Ferris wheel of your mind,
And yet be filled with desire, for another spin, the next time
It’s that very next time that keeps us latched onto things,
And after a million you might forget about me.
So play me in your Ferris wheel on loop,
Every kiss the first time.
And then you will find you truly belong,
Because I know you’ve wanted me all along.
We may not sit on the same couch,
But we shall be together, without a doubt…

Rohit Trilokekar

Rohit Trilokekar is a published author('The Kitty Buddha', Palimpsest, 2012) from India.