At 23 let us count the things
We have lost to the fire:
We entered the Corporate
We skipped the breakfast
On Monday mornings
We are chasing the Yellow Line to Gurgaon
On Facebook
A friend feels sad about not being able to continue
Political activism
On Friday evenings
We are carrying cheap alcohol with bare hands
And reading up on places within 300km radius in desperation
After lunch
I am weaving poems on the beauty of her presence
Friend from Bangalore says
“it is a young professional’s city. sex is in the air”
But even then at times
We all prefer coffee-dates to hook-ups
Fever relieves us on special days
We shoot an email CCing HRs
And sit around the whole day
Doing nothing,
Doing absolutely nothing.

Dipanjan Chatterjee

Dipanjan Chatterjee is an English major who loves to wonder about things.