Shit poetry went for poetry festivals sponsored by corporates
drunk champaign
wrote about rain
flowers, cherry tree, birds, butterflies, clods, love and sex
in the midst of poverty, hunger, and misery
Met international poets
Publish hundreds of collections
Got ISBN and ISSN numbers
Got awards
Wrote columns and publish across the globe
Translated into 100 languages
and sat in the dusty bookshelves for 100 years
along with the books that no one read
At last
died of heart attack
and leading dailies published obituaries.

Ajmal Khan A.T

Ajmal Khan A.T is a bilingual writer who writes in English and Malayalam. His articles and poems have appeared in Muse India magazine, India Cultural forum, Countercurrents.org, Resist India, Round Table India, Two Circles.net, Sanhati.com, Ignite South Asia, Cafedissensus.com, Kafila.org and Kindle magazine in English and in Madhyamam Weekly, Thejus Weekly, Shabab Weekly, Risala Weekly, Thejus Malayalam daily, Siraj daily, Varthamanm daily. He is also in editorial board of Refugee watch On line journal published from Calcutta and student magazine Aaghaaz published from Mumbai.