The world of literature holds no boundaries and we at The Bangalore Review are committed to publishing exemplary writing from all over. We publish literary fiction and non-fiction, reviews, poetry, art and photographic essays. If you happen to be in love with life and think that your words can generate a vision, send us a shout – we’ll probably like your work.

The Bangalore Review accepts submissions on a rolling basis. We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere (including Web sites and personal blogs), or translations that have already been published in English. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but do notify us as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere. Our response time varies from two to three months. If you do not hear from us in three months please feel free to submit elsewhere.

And because we don’t take rejections seriously, we hope that you won’t too. What matters though is sending in your best and most refreshing work, well edited and we’ll get talking. Include a brief biography (no more than 150 words), a portrait photograph of the contributor and a covering note with your submission. Before submitting, we strongly recommend that you read up recent issues to acquaint yourself with the kind of material that has been published previously.

Fiction Submissions

We’re looking for fresh, intelligent stories, presented well and lucid even to the undiscerning eye. We welcome writers both new and published as long as the story holds our interest.  Ask yourself if the story you have is worthy of serious attention in a serious magazine. If your story is well written and can paint a picture in words, we are listening.

We publish translations of both well known and new writers. However, obtaining translation rights shall be the duty of the translator. The Bangalore Review is in no way responsible for acquiring such rights.

A chapter or excerpt from a novel is welcome only if it is a complete read in itself – even in a marginal way of speaking, or can be read as a short story.

We read all submissions within ninety days, and will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material. If you have not heard from us within ninety days, you may assume that we may not be able to publish your manuscript.

Essays/Non-Fiction Submissions

The Bangalore Review seeks submissions of well informed and well articulated essays from a broad range of non-fictional topics including  literature, arts, culture, philosophy, design, etc. that attempt to illuminate the subject against a broad perspective in an engaging manner. We are generally not inclined to publishing academic essays/articles. The ideal essay for The Bangalore Review would be well-thought, well-researched, provocative and personalized, covering a wide spectrum of human interest issues that can engage with and arouse curiosity in both the intelligent general reader and the specialist. You may consider the upper word limit as 5,000. In case you have a longer essay, send us an abstract at first and we shall request the complete essay separately.

Poetry Submissions

The Bangalore Review showcases poetry in English and translations. We are interested in poetry that is cutting edge, but also evocative and startling in its truth and storytelling capacities. We look forward to poetry that is fresh and gives beauty a dimension, poetry that has a cause and purpose. We look forward to poetry that resonates with a deeper intellect and soul, poetry that is alive, brave and defining- poetry that transcends boundaries and makes living an interesting continuum.

Poetry is reviewed on a rolling basis. Send up to four poems per submission, but please submit no more than twice in a period of twelve months.

Photo Essay/Artwork Submissions

We seek original photo essays/artworks that have perspective and is provocative, lyrical, enduring, jarring or contemplative. Send us 5-10 of your works in minimum resolution JPEG format not exceeding 250kB in size. Once chosen, we will request the hi-resolution images for publishing.


For all categories of submissions, you may get in touch with us through