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The Bangalore Review was formed in 2013 by a group of young people aiming to bring serious reading back into people’s lives. The magazine showcased essays on literature, arts and culture from diverse parts of the world. The Bangalore Review also promoted works from new writers and artists. For more than two years the magazine came out every month with a new issue including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art touching a wide range of topics, foremost among them being literature, performing arts and culture. Towards the end of 2015, the Bangalore Review was taken down for what was supposed to be a few days. Days turned into weeks turned into months as the team evolved and transformed in many ways during the period that went by. In June of 2016, the magazine is finally ready for its audience.

For regular visitors, the new website will seem different in some ways. Why have we changed? The Bangalore Review is a digital magazine on the Internet. Our format of monthly issues was more suited for print magazines, where a different kind of effort is called for. However, The Bangalore Review’s digital presence attracts a digital audience, which demands a digital-friendly format. With the new website, the Bangalore Review takes the first step to being more relevant digitally. The magazine shall no longer be a periodical. The magazine will continue to feature poetry, fiction, art and non-fiction from writers, both old and new, on a rolling basis. However, these works will be posted online more often than before.

If you are looking to share your work with us, refer to our Submissions page. For all other queries, you may contact the editorial team on info@bangalorereview.com.

The older issues of tBR are available on bangalorereview.com/olderissues.

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    About the Review – The Bangalore Review

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