The bat carries stars
on the undersides
of her wings.

Her head is the tip
of galaxy
her body a velvet
shattering night
with its jagged arc
of flight.

Her thumbs & fingers hold
the membrane of sunset-
that covers us

She sips the fruit
of moon
dives into a river
of mosquito-beetle-moth-

Waves ferry her from oak
to stone to chocolate daisies
blooming like novas
at midnight.

Milky Way–its shell
spiral studded with tourmaline—
spins in rings around her
as she flies.
She brings it to land
lighting up cave chasms
abandoned houses with empty
eyes for windows   
dying trees numb to sun
& other inky corners
we seek to overlook
rushing past
with bated breath.

~inspired by Threeleaves art


Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash