A collagist tagged the sky

A collagist tagged the sky

The sagas break like a new moon covered in tickets

Hammer camp wow, auto parts and her ankle rehab

True stick death, slow seasons, sunswim lyric

A slender man in the slipper room near a slanted door

Heartgold, Mister Seed’s Good Deals

Tin pant liquidator, trauma model, wig twins

Twirls and twigs, Twirlmania, twirl a squirrel

When was Jesus really born?

When was the internet invented?

Was it before cakes, figurines, and painted furniture?

Couture diddles spice, bras stamped with pets

The thesaurus dies with our thirst mechanism

Mozart mutts, ghostly other people do the killing

Impossible bad things in French and you were someone else

A moth sailboat that looks like a bee in your ear

A hummingbird problem in my closet

Her Sundays were outfitted with Prednisone

She invented a myth to explain that gym in Las Vegas

An infestation of orchids and pictures

Identification traps, bridal dresses cut into years

Your ticket has been escalated, a diet without a permit

Herpes bags, a constructivist method of parenting

My twitching eye married the blue sky

Dogs eat grass in Whyville

Why is wisdom personified as a woman in Illinois jokes?

Why won’t her teeth bloom?

Why does the washing machine get out of balance?

Why wash meat?

Why wash off the mosquito repellant?

Wishbones are charms, in monochrome 10 bridges burning

Wishmaster envelopes willed with prayers

Mint and rue, Swansboro garment songs

Wood mushrooms hymn under wings to an incense that smells like jeans

The compassion in sewing tape

Of the Month clubs for Siberians

Miracle Tiber on the corner of Bitter and Sweet

Little shadows, lithotripsy, hollowing tools: the ultimate rarities in her heart

My life is stupid, sexist, horrible, terrible, like soccer

Is shyness a sin or a sign of love?

The shyness in Japanese bedrooms, small packages in smoky places

Smackdown dental with green stars smocking

The snow is falling

Love cake topper, blue blazer style, gifts, blessings, boyfriends

Crocodile sayings, black curtains, pure imagination

Andromeda written on a chart of measures

Horse games for girls

And then Tango made three

The valley shook and none walked through

There were fewer bands, the Mysterians’ greater use for love was like a lotion

The outside of the house was covered in moonflowers, moth wings

They lived one day like it was orange

Softshelled under a billboard moon

Magic scoop best price


An unfinished husband, you are an oasis in collapse

Islands strung like chapter summaries, an idle stroll

Sometimes her flesh lived in the fun lane


                                   A god

                                   A check

                                   A man

                                   A grant

                                   A Chevrolet


The forbidden fortunes in Western wear


You have been closed

You were selected but not displayed

You became the formalist portal of god

You contained validation errors

You were a French overture or a city

You were mostly usable to plants

You were a business letter, a sonnet, a large glass window

You were a series of anatomy or haiku

You were witchcraft or an affidavit

You were godliness, ownership, government

You were an address, also autism and art

You were an exact equation of anemia in Mediterranean women

Elegy, ellipse, essay

Your eyes were layered in old anesthetic, in ecological sequences

Your membranes were empathetic, benevolent and helpful

Your elegant dentistry never forgot

Your biography is an ontological argument

Your shirred, your shirt says costume

What value is deanimation to a microbe?

You protect the world from destruction with unspecified powers

Your inventoried uncertainty

Open a pecan with a knife in an orange porch cartoon

You both worship and ignore dreams

Your colorized Christmases were canceled, then your white Christmas was colorized

Your whiskies were invented in churches, used as the fluid in magnetic compasses