The Missing Anklet

The Missing Anklet

No trial, truth murdered in cold blood, an innocent man slain.

Kannagi stormed the palace in rage, the woman’s wrath unrestrained 

At the palace the diamonds spilled forth from the anklet she threw on the floor  

Her anger glinted in flawless brilliance, reflected bright on mirrored door 

The pearls on the queen’s ankle quivered, the rubies contained. 


The court rose as one, the voice loud across the brocaded expanse  

‘I demand justice,’ the cry of the brave widow rent the air, her trembling stance 

As she held her other anklet high and cursed Madurai be raised by fire 

Enflamed, the truth emerges, king relents, and history records her ire. 



 Silapathikaram (5th C BCE a Tamil epic.)